Climate Action and Resilience Plan

The climate crisis requires revolutionary thinking and action. In Concord, we know a thing or two about that.

Download the full Climate Action and Resilience Plan here

Priority Actions

The Climate Action and Resilience Plan outlines 22 priority actions that can be taken over the next 5 years to ensure Concord is on a path to a sustainable future. 

The Plan is organized into five plan elements. Click on the arrows to expand the sections to review the actions within each plan element.

Each action has a implementation blueprint that includes details about steps, partners, timeframes, and more. Click to “View Implementation Blueprint” to view detailed implementation steps and more specific timeframes.

The status of some action is “in progress” because implementation is already underway. Actions that are “awaiting resources” will be initiated according to the implementation blueprint and when town staff time, funding, or other resources are available to begin.

Introducing the Climate Action and Resilience Plan


The Town recognizes that truly effective climate leadership is not only about implementing a set of discrete actions. It is about integrating sustainability into daily operations, decision-making, and planning for the future. It requires applying a climate lens to how Concord governs and serves the needs of community members. It calls for a culture of climate change awareness and understanding. 

For these reasons, the Town of Concord has identified 3 cross-cutting priorities for leadership: 

  • Governance - Integrate sustainability goals, metrics, and evaluation criteria into all Town planning, including staff and department evaluations and budgeting.

  • Education - Work with educators, parents, students, the School Department, and the State to bring climate education curricula into schools and student activities.

  • Social Resilience - Prepare businesses and residents for the impacts of climate change through education and climate preparedness planning. 

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Putting the Plan in Action

The Town of Concord and the Sustainability Department invite your engagement to implement the Sustainable Concord Plan and to monitor our progress through this site. Explore the dashboard to learn more about our performance data, and why we are taking action.  Download the plan to read offline and be sure to explore all the resources available to you on the Town's Sustainability Department webpage.  

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