Built Environment

Concord’s Goal: Concord’s buildings and solid waste system minimize GHG emissions and are resilient to a changing climate. This involves electrifying and improving the energy efficiency of residential and commercial buildings, setting bold sustainability standards for new municipal buildings and schools, and setting policies and incentives that encourage sustainability and resilient design.  Learn More

Help Make Concord's Buildings More Efficient

Buildings are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. Join the Town in taking steps to upgrade to more efficient systems.

Home energy assessments are free help you save energy and money.
Businesses are eligible for rebates too! Find ways to cut your energy costs with CMLP.
Concord Municipal Light Plant offers additional rebates for heat pumps, LED bulbs, weatherization, and more.
Learn about all the ways you can live more sustainably at the Town's page for "Your Sustainable Home Now!"
Keep food waste from the landfill by composting at home while creating nutrient rich soil.
church building in Concord


Concord’s Goal: Concord’s electricity is 100% carbon-free, reliable, and affordable.We are striving to achieve this goal by redesigning electricity rates to support energy conservation, peak load management, electrification, and renewable energy generation. We will also provide incentives for businesses and homeowners to invest in renewable energy while shifting CMLP’s electricity supply to 100% carbon-free sources by 2030.  Learn More

Help Concord Meets its Energy Goals

The Town is working to cut its greenhouse gas emissions through shifting to renewable energy and installing more energy efficient systems. You can help us make a difference by saving energy in your own home.

Two solar rebates are available through Concord Municipal Light Plant.
Home energy assessments are free help you save energy and money.
Check out our mobility page to see all the benefits of switching to an electric vehicle!
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Concord’s Goal: Everyone has access to zero-carbon transportation options to commute and get around Town. To achieve this, Concord will need to increase use of public transportation, improve availability, accessibility, and connections between bicycling and walking paths and sidewalks, and increase the number of electric vehicles. Learn More

Active Modes & Transit

Cycling and walking provide a healthy alternative to getting around when you need to and a great way to enjoy the great outdoors. Concord has a wealth of trail resources to help you get out and about.

When you need to get to Boston, avoid the traffic and parking headaches by hopping on the commuter rail.

Find new routes and places to get outside with the Town Trails Committee maps collection.
Looking for a longer adventure? Check out all the places you can go on the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail
Going to Boston? Riding the commuter rail can be a great way to get some reading in during the commute and lower your carbon footprint at the same time

Help Concord Meet its Mobility Goals

By reducing the time you spend driving your car, you can cut down on your personal greenhouse gas emissions. Going electric or opting to ride a bike are great ways to make a difference all while getting to your destination.

Buyers guides, rebates, and a wealth of information about going electric is available from ConcordDrivesElectric.org.
Whether in a car or on a bike, proper road use is essential to keeping our community safe.
Connect with other cyclists and other resources to help you get out and on the road safely.
electric vehicle charging station

Natural Resources

Concord’s Goal: Concord’s natural resources are enhanced and supported to provide resilience benefits to the community and to maximize biodiversity and carbon sequestration. The Town will achieve this through the development of a forest management plan, promoting sustainable landscaping practices, increasing indoor and outdoor water conservation, and ensuring the benefits of the tree canopy is maintained and enhanced Learn More

Help Keep Concord's Natural Resources Healthy

Climate change and pollution threaten our natural resources. By taking steps to reduce harmful runoff and create healthy soil, you can help keep our environment healthy for plants, animals, and people.

Rain barrels allow you to reuse rain water to water your outside spaces.
Rain gardens increase infiltration into the ground, limit runoff, and create a welcoming habitat for pollinators.
Invasive species reduce the diversity and health of our natural areas and everyone can help keep them at bay.
Planting smart can beautify your home while providing ecological benefits. Learn more with the Concord Sustainable Landscape Handbook.
rain barrel


Concord’s Goal:  Concord’s critical infrastructure is designed to reduce emissions and be prepared for projected climate impacts. This involves developing an integrated water resource management plan, updating stormwater regulations, and increasing the use of green infrastructure and low impact development. Learn More

Help Prepare Concord for a Changing Climate

Climate change is bringing hotter days and more intense storms that threaten the health and safety of our community. Proactively preparing your household for these effects will help prepare you for climate hazards.

A preparedness kit will help keep you ready in the event of an extreme storm or other emergency.
Rain gardens increase infiltration into the ground, limit runoff, and create a welcoming habitat for pollinators.
Saving water protects the entire community against the risk of drought.
emergency preparedness kit