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Concord’s Goal: Everyone has access to zero-carbon transportation options to commute and get around Town. 

To achieve this, Concord will need to increase use of public transportation, improve availability, accessibility, and connections between bicycling and walking paths and sidewalks, and increase the number of electric vehicles.

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How We Get Around

Concord is rich with destinations. Traveling to restaurants and shops, family activities, and of course the daily commute, generates a lot of miles. Almost 40% of Concord’s greenhouse gas emissions are the result of transportation, mostly from vehicles driven by Concord residents. According to the 2016 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory, Concord residents were collectively driving 578 million miles per year. It would take a single car driving at 60 mph over 1,100 years to drive that distance! 

As time goes on, the resources, funds, and land area we dedicate to getting from place to place will continue to grow. This is an important time to consider alternatives and Concord is dedicated to taking action.

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Active Modes & Transit

Cycling and walking provide a healthy alternative to getting around when you need to and a great way to enjoy the great outdoors. Concord has a wealth of trail resources to help you get out and about.

When you need to get to Boston, avoid the traffic and parking headaches by hopping on the commuter rail.

Find new routes and places to get outside with the Town Trails Committee maps collection.
Looking for a longer adventure? Check out all the places you can go on the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail
Going to Boston? Riding the commuter rail can be a great way to get some reading in during the commute and lower your carbon footprint at the same time

Electric Vehicles

Why buy an electric vehicle (EV)?

Electric vehicles reduce air pollutants that contribute to smog, heart attacks and asthma. Not only that, they are cheaper maintain and are fun to drive! 

Find out more about how to save money by switching to an EV and other benefits. Already have an EV? Find charging stations in Concord with the Town's charging map.

Electric Vehicles

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Interested in learning more about the benefits of driving an EV in Concord? Hear from Town staff and residents about all the reasons to make the switch. From saving more than 50% on fuel costs, to shrinking your carbon footprint, there are many reasons to buy or lease an electric vehicle. Help us reach our emissions reductions targets by choosing clean, green mobility!

How You Can Help

Help Concord Meet its Mobility Goals

By reducing the time you spend driving your car, you can cut down on your personal greenhouse gas emissions. Going electric or opting to ride a bike are great ways to make a difference all while getting to your destination.

Buyers guides, rebates, and a wealth of information about going electric is available from
Whether in a car or on a bike, proper road use is essential to keeping our community safe.
Connect with other cyclists and other resources to help you get out and on the road safely.
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