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Taking Long Winter Road Trips in an EV

Driving an electric vehicle (EV) is a delight. They have instant, powerful, and smooth acceleration. There is almost no ...

Janet Miller - 01-24-2023

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Driving Electric in a New England Winter

As we all know, New England winters can be cold. And we also know that living with any car in a New England winter requi...

Brian Burt - 03-02-2022

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Thirty municipalities signal strong support for state development of the most stringent building code

On November 29, 2021, chief executives and administrative officers from 30 municipalities, submitted a letter to Secreta...

Sarah Dooling, Massachusetts Climate Action Network - 11-30-2021

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Climate Preparedness Week 2021 Summary

Climate Preparedness WeekCREW (Communities Responding to Extreme Weather) dedicates the week of September 24 to 30 each ...

Reni Cunningham; Reference Librarian Concord Free Public Library - 10-25-2021

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Concord Eats: Bonus Recipes!

Recipe courtesy of Barrett’s Mill Farm“With fall coming up we've had winter squash on our minds! This is...

Barrett's Mill Farm & Huchins Farm - 09-09-2021

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Concord Eats: Interview with Local Food Champions

Concord has a long history with farming and agriculture. From the creation of the Concord Grape, to land which has ...

Erin Stevens, Marshall Farm, East Quarter Farm, Hutchins Farm & Barrett's Mill Farm - 09-09-2021

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Do you have “20/20” recycling vision?

While recent news stories about recycling might have you thinking otherwise, recycling is not a wasted effort. The cans,...

Melissa Simoncini - 08-10-2021

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Real Talk: Climate Conversations

Do you surround yourself with people who tend to think like you? So many of us do; we find friends who have similar inte...

Erin Stevens - 07-07-2021

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Comfort and Sustainability with Heat Pumps

Over 40% of Concord's greenhouse gas emissions come from burning fossil fuels to power our buildings. Tran...

Kate Hanley - 05-28-2021