Be Energy Wise this Fall

Almost all of us are spending more time at home this year. That means more energy used at home, powering computers for work and school, keeping the lights on, cooking instead of eating out, and heating and cooling your space for more hours than before. 

You may have already noticed an increase in your energy bills due to the extra time, and energy, spent at home this summer. With the winter months ahead, it is even more important to find ways to save energy and money.

Saving energy also contributes to Concord’s sustainability goals. 60% of greenhouse gas emissions in Concord come from energy used in our buildings. Making our buildings more energy efficient and transitioning away from these fuels to carbon-free electricity will be a key strategy to reducing GHG emissions moving forward.

Get started with a free home energy assessment 

The best way to save energy at home is to get a free home energy assessment available through Mass Save or Concord Municipal Light Plant, and then implement the recommendations. 

  • Have you received a home energy assessment in the last 3 years? Great! Find that energy report and take the steps recommended.
  • Have not had a home energy assessment in recent years? Or can’t remember? Sign-up today! Both Mass Save and CMLP are offering free home energy assessments virtually. 
    1. If you heat with electricity, oil, or propane contact ENE.
    2. If you heat with natural gas, contact Mass Save.


What Concord Can Do for You!

There are many rebates and incentives available to help you reduce energy consumption and make your home more sustainable.

  • Insulation and Air-sealing – Weatherization (insulating & air-sealing your home) is often the best first step to improving the comfort of your home and reducing your energy costs and carbon footprint. During your home energy assessment, the energy professional will evaluate your home for opportunities to weatherize. Rebates are available through Mass Save and CMLP.
  • Heat Pumps – What are heat pumps? Heat pumps are clean heating and cooling systems powered by electricity. Heat pumps have been used in warmer climates for decades, but in the past several years have undergone a technology revolution and are now a great heat source in cold climates such as New England. There are three kinds of heat pumps - air-source, ground-source, and heat pump water heaters – and CMLP provides rebates for all three! Learn more about the benefits of heat pumps.
  • LED Bulbs – Concord residents are eligible for a rebate of $1 per LED bulb for a maximum of 50 LED Light Bulbs per year.
  • Save water – Saving water will also save you energy and money. Save water indoors by fixing leaky appliances and installing water conservation devices. Many of these devices are available for free from Concord Public Works. Plan ahead to save water outdoors through sustainable landscaping.
  • Electric Vehicle Charging – Do you drive electric? You can save money on your electric bill by enrolling in EV Miles, an off-peak charging incentive. If you are planning to install a charging station, you can also take advantage of CMLP’s $250 rebate for installing Level 2 charging systems. Want to learn more about driving electric? Visit  

What better time to save energy at home? Find out more about all these rebates here.

Quick Tips for Lowering Energy Use

There are also some no-cost and low-cost steps you can take to reduce your energy usage today.

  • Lower the temp on heating – Lowering the temperature just two degrees can reduce heating costs by as much as ten percent. 
  • Close the gaps – Gaps in your doors, windows and floors can let cold air in and warm air out. Try installing draught excluders on your doors and windows. You can use a suitable sealant, insulating strips, wooden beading or even rolled up pieces of newspaper. Rolled-up blankets make good draught excluders for under your doors too. 
  • Wash laundry with cold water – Most laundry detergents are designed to work effectively at 85ºF or even lower.
  • Power down – Turning off one computer and monitor nightly and on weekends can save up to $80 a year.

For more tips, check out the Your Sustainable Home Now! resource developed by Concord’s Comprehensive Sustainability and Energy Committee.


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