Concord's Sustainability Champions Series: Maggie Bowers

Welcome to Concord’s Sustainability Champions Series, where we highlight brilliant work of climate leaders around town. 2021 will no doubt be a year of bold state and national action on climate change, but in Concord, protecting the climate is nothing new and our community is full of role models. Sustainable Concord will periodically feature interviews with some of these residents who make sustainability a priority in their lives and have words of wisdom to share. Up first, Maggie Bowers!

What’s your name, and what sustainability work are you involved in? 

Maggie Bowers, I’m a Concord-Carlisle high school student, a member of CCHS Green Team and of CCHS Library Sustainability Planning Committee.

What motivated you to join the CCHS Green Team? What is your favorite thing about being on the CCHS Green Team?

I think my Earth Science class that I took in 9th grade sparked my passion for sustainability. Before taking the class, I had not fully comprehended the impact of climate change on everything from weather to agriculture to disease. I joined Green Team my sophomore year because I wanted to do something—anything—to help my school and community. My favorite part of Green Team is the ability to brainstorm with classmates who feel as strongly as I do and to implement ideas that will make my school more sustainable. I love being able to make positive change and I think it's an important responsibility for all of us. Follow our team’s Instagram account to stay up to date!

What is your favorite sustainable practice you’ve incorporated into your day-to-day? 

My favorite sustainable practice is composting. About a year ago, I convinced my family to get a subscription to Black Earth compost and we haven't looked back since. I love composting because it is a win-win. It has cut the amount of trash in my house in half, and it gives back to the Earth with a final product of nutrient-dense soil. 

You’ve been part of the library sustainability planning team. What excites you about the library’s sustainability plans? I'm excited about the scope of the plans because it is larger than I had originally imagined. I came into the committee (naively) thinking that the plan would take only a few weeks, and I have been very pleasantly surprised that it is a long and thorough process. I'm excited that the plan will not only make the library's built environment greener, but it will also provide resources and outreach programs to inspire others to become more sustainable themselves. Learn more here

What is one thing you think Concordians should know about sustainability? I think Concordians should know that being more sustainable is not as daunting as it may seem at first. You can start by making a few simple swaps like a reusable water bottle, a home compost service or backyard pile, or simply shopping local to reduce shipping. There are also so many resources online and some great inspiration on social media if you don't know where to start. No matter what, I hope that all Concordians know that even the smallest actions make a difference. 

Enjoy learning about Maggie’s involvement in high school sustainability efforts? Have an idea of a Sustainability Champion to highlight in upcoming months? Email Kate Hanley, Concord’s Director of Sustainability, here: