Concord's Sustainability Champions Series: Aiyana Currie

Welcome to Concord’s Sustainability Champions Series, where we highlight brilliant work of climate leaders around town. 2021 will no doubt be a year of bold state and national action on climate change, but in Concord, protecting the climate is nothing new and our community is full of role models. Sustainable Concord continues to periodically feature interviews with some of these residents who make sustainability a priority in their lives and have words of wisdom to share.  Next up, Aiyana Currie!

How did you get involved in cycling? 

I shared my “Why I Bike” story with the Concord Journal last year. As a child, I rode to explore, to get out of my house, to be independent, to turn on a side road just because I could, to ride as fast up a hill, and feel proud of my effort. I recall it like it was yesterday - the day I took off riding downhill on my San Diego sidewalk, free from helping hands for the first time. I didn’t look back on that day, nor any day since. These days I ride to explore, clear my head, enjoy time with friends, and stay fit. 

What motivates you to be a cycling advocate in Concord? 

I am a member of Concord Bikes, a volunteer community group that promotes bicycling as a heathy and environmentally positive means of transportation and recreation. We sponsor the annual Concord Bike Fest and advocate for safe cycling throughout the town. Concord is a great town for cycling and cycling is a wonderful way to move and reduce your carbon footprint. 

What is your favorite tip for someone wanting to get started cycling as a sustainable form of transportation? 

I actually bike for fun & exercise more than for transportation. I tend to walk for transportation because we live in the town center! I recommend following Concord Bikes for safety tips and opportunities to bike with others to build confidence. Everyone’s voice in advocating to our town officials about increasing safety will create cycling opportunities for all members of our community. 

What the biggest challenge to more people cycling for transportation? What is a solution? 

The biggest challenge for people looking to bike for transportation is safety and the lack of awareness by everyone using the roads. Drivers need to be trained (beginning in HS) how to drive near cyclists & cyclists need to obey the rules of the road.

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